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Four pilots to win today’s most advanced ANR headset, the Sennheiser S1 Digital (value $1,095 USD)

As a professional pilot, I have the privilege to fly a wide variety of aircraft, from the most basic, older and often loud airplanes to some of the most advanced and sophisticated aircraft. Being a very frequent flyer in various aircraft presents two challenges: protecting my hearing in very different environments and traveling quickly and efficiently between aircraft (I mean jumping from one aircraft to another with headset in hand).

I have been a “Sennheiser girl” for many years now. The high quality sound experience the name Sennheiser guarantees was a key decision factor but so was the fact that my Sennheiser headset is collapsible and fits in a flight bag that is small enough to bring along in a 2-seat airplane.

Sennheiser S1 Digital

The new Sennheiser S1 Digital headset not only raises the bar in Active Noise Cancellation technology but it also stands alone in two categories: protection from damaging high frequency noise and real time “adaptive” noise reduction.

The principle of typical Active Noise Cancellation technology is to sample noise through a small microphone inside the cup of the headset and apply pre-written algorithms to generate a noise equal and opposite to the offending noise to effectively cancel it.

The Sennheiser S1 Digital technology goes well beyond the basics. In addition to microphones inside of each cup, it includes microphones outside of the cups to sample and cancel the high frequency noise. But, that’s not all. Instead of only using preset noise algorithms, this headset is capable of sampling the actual noise and generating antidotes on the fly. That’s real time “adaptive” noise reduction.

This amazing headset offers built-in wireless connection to Bluetooth devices (cell phone, music players, etc.). Answering a cell phone call is as simple as pushing of a single button on the attached control unit.


Sennheiser knows sounds. Music goes through one audio mixer while cell phone and ATC communications go through another to ensure the highest quality for each type of signal.

The new Sennheiser S1 Digital is not just the most technologically advanced headset on the market today; it is also one of the hottest looking headsets on the market today.

Ear cup foam that is similar to memory foam makes wearing the headset a delight. And, an important point for me, it is collapsible!

I am absolutely thrill to announce that, our Gold Sponsor, Sennheiser has offered four of these outstanding headsets as prizes for our generous pilots: one for a pilot participating to the “Across the Channel: Women Unifying Nations” event in Europe, one for any pilots worldwide that introduce girls and women to flying during the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, and two for Canadian pilots that introduce girls and women to flying during the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week (some restrictions apply to be eligible to win; check the “2012 Prizes” section), and two for pilots in Canada.

Could it get any better? Warm smiles from the ladies you introduce to flying and perhaps, a fantastic headset as an extra thank you from Sennheiser.

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