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Sennheiser Canada celebrates Women Of Aviation Week with Canadian pilots

Canadian bush pilot, Kirsten

Canada is the world’s second largest country by area. It is a country of vast untouched wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty. Many of its remote northern communities can only be reached by aircraft most of the year. In Canada, flying is not just about getting to places faster or in a more pleasurable way and convenient manner, flying is often about surviving.

Another innate characteristic of Canada is its diversity, whether it be cultural, racial, or linguistic. Is it any wonder then that as we quickly approach the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, events are planned in one third of the country’s provinces and territories?

Oshawa, ON, Canada, “Most Female-Pilot-Friendly Airport Worldwide” in 2010

The Canadian branch of Sennheiser, our Gold Sponsor, wants to help all Canadian pilots celebrate Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week.

The S1 Digital headset is the most advanced headset on the market today as it stands alone in two categories: protection from damaging high frequency noise and real time “adaptive” noise reduction. Its real time “adaptive” noise reduction capability makes it particularly well adapted to Canadian flying as it provides the best hearing protection whether the aircraft is a slick high performance aircraft or rugged Beaver on floats.

Sennheiser S1 Digital

Two lucky Canadians pilots who introduce at least 5 girls and/or women to flying during Women Of Aviation Worldwide will each receive a S1 Digital headset (valued at $1,095 CAD) courtesy of Sennheiser Canada. The winners will be selected through a random drawing.

The number of entries per pilot is proportional to the number of flight introductions. The more girls and/or women pilots introduce to flying during the week, the more chances they have to win these amazing prizes.

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