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Powder Puff Pilot store will spoil volunteers and pilots again in 2012

The Powder Puff Pilot store carries a line of products specifically designed for the feminine flyer. From headsets to women pilots watches to t-shirts and books, Powder Puff Pilot is the place to go to when searching for the perfect gift for the feminine flyer in your life or looking for a treat for yourself.

Unique Powder Puff Pilot t-shirts as prizes

For those seeking Christmas gift ideas, there is a special Christmas section although it could be said that Christmas take place any time a package arrives from the Powder Puff Pilotstore.

Christmas will arrive in April for 10 lucky Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week volunteers and pilots. That’s when they will receive the unique Powder Puff Pilot t-shirt that they won through a random drawing.

Thank you Powder Puff Pilot store for your continued support.


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