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WOAW verified women friendly flight training facility? Making a list.

Statistics show that women represent approximately 11% of the student pilot population but only 6% of the licensed pilot population. These statistics seemed to point to a problem when women arrive at the flight training facility. To help remedy this issue, we have decided to identify women-friendly flight training facilities and make the list available to prospective female students. Since teaching female customers is mandated by law, the criteria to qualify for our list are …

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Our sponsor, Flyabout, is now on Netflix

Don’t want to wait for snail mail to bring your Flyabout DVD to your doorstep? You no longer have to. The Flyabout documentary is now on Netflix! Put it in your queue today.

French aviation magazine “Piloter” announces Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

French aviation magazine “Piloter” announces Women of Aviation Worldwide Week and invites French pilots to compete in the various challenges. Which airport will be France’s most female-pilot-friendly-airport? Will the most unusual introductory flight take place in France? Le magazine d’aviation “Piloter” annonce la semaine internationale de l’aviation féminine. Quel aérodrome sera nommé le plus pro-femmes en France ? Lisez leur article.

Flyabout documentary becomes our newest Bronze sponsor

Five lucky girls or women who go on their first flights during the 2011 Women of Aviation Worldwide Week will also win a free Flyabout documentary DVD signed by the director/producer, Monika Petrillo. There are also plans of free Flyabout screenings in several cities during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, so stay posted. To learn more about our newest Bronze sponsor, please visit their website.

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