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Once again, Windtee Aviation T-shirts rewards pilots with a pro-women attitude

Windtee's high quality t-shirts are packed in such a lovely way

Bryan, the creative and business mind behind Windtee Aviation T-shirt, offered his support as soon as he heard of the initiative. He didn’t just offer prizes for participating pilots, he also offered to supply Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week’s t-shirts. When you order an official t-shirt, be ready for a pleasant surprise.

Windtee’s t-shirts are not cheap looking t-shirts that are uncomfortable to wear. They are high quality t-shirts that don’t change shape and look with each wash. What’s more? Just opening the box and unwrapping the lovely packaging to reach the t-shirt is a treat in itself. It is just one more sign of all the personal care that your t-shirt receives because it is shipped.

Windtee continues to support the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week initiative. This year, all pilots based in North America that introduce girls and/or women to flying during Women Of Aviation Week will be eligible to receive yet another great Windtee gift, the fascinating “A Silver Ring” novel written by Nathan Carriker, an airline pilot.

“War orphan Justin Prator can’t explain the talent for flying he and his son Paul share, until he’s contacted by his birth mother, a kindly old woman with a stubborn English accent. The same day, Paul falls in love with an oddly familiar firebrand. Before he weds, Paul’s “new” grandmother presents him with their family’s lost icon – a silver ring – and pulls a smoldering tinderbox from the emotional rubble of World War Two…”

You will get to read the rest if you are one of the lucky 20 pilots to receive this book.

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