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Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests

Are you wondering who will decide who will be the top candidates or the winners of the various contests in 2012? All our judges are pilots but their level of experience varies widely and so does their involvement in the aviation industry. Meet them listed in alphabetical order by last names.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
Johanne’s instructor cuts the back of her t-shirt, a solo flight tradition

Johanne Bédard of Québec, Canada
When we were celebrating the Centennial of Women Pilots in 2010, Johanne was learning to fly. A training roadblock led her to seek advice from a woman pilot. She somehow found my Facebook account. My profile photo at the commands of an airplane associated with a very French name prompted her to contact me. We have been friends ever since and she has become a happy private pilot. She has already given her daughter an introduction to the joys of flying. Johanne is also a school director. She will be the head judge for the French version of the writing contest.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
Rose gives a taste of flight to the “girls”

Rose Dorcey of Wisconsin, USA
Rose was an assistant editor at EAA when she noticed a press release coming through in early 2010. EAA was one of the firsts to let their members know about the centennial celebration. As a great editor should do, she capitalized the website address. Oops, she taught me one of my many lessons on the road to today. A private pilot, Rose has been the President of the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame for years and is an active supporter of anything that helps promote aviation to girls and women.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
“Ask and they shall come flying,” says Mireille

Mireille Goyer of British Columbia, Canada
I have been a pilot for more than 20 years and a flight instructor and a FAASTeam representative for almost as long. Rated as an airline transport pilot in two countries, I have developed numerous pilot coursewares (thanks to an IT industry background) and authored more than 16 pilot manuals. Today, I specialize in advanced avionics instruction, write a “right seat” column in Canadian Aviator Magazine, and run the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week initiative. Not really a judge, I serve as the tie breaker.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
Susan flies it forward for the Centennial celebration

Susan Larson of New Mexico, USA
For more than 26 years, Susan was the owner/operator of a manufacturing company. She is also a Certified Public Accountant. Her love story with flying has been even more enduring. She has flown for more than 30 years. She is hold commercial pilot certificates for airplanes and helicopters. For the last 4 years, she has served as President of the Ninety-Nines, the oldest female pilots association in the world. Despite being the President of such prestigious association, Susan is very hands-on and personable. Her support for the Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week initiative has been unwavering.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
Brittney in Piper Cub yellow

Brittney Miculka of Maryland, USA
Aviation is the common thread of Brittney’s life. Not only is she a commercial pilot and a flight instructor but she has also worked for AOPA, the largest pilot association worldwide, since she graduated from college. She got started with AOPA as part of the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. She later transitioned to the Government and Technical Affairs team as an Aviation Technical Specialist for the Pilot Information Center and also served as the Manager of General Aviation Security. In 2011, she became the Manager of Prospective Pilot and Youth Outreach Programs and is involved AOPA’s Let’s Go Flying outreach program as well as the PATH program. That’s when I started to work with her as part of our collaboration with AOPA. Her favorite airplane? A Piper Archer, the type of airplane that she used to solo.

Meet the judges of the various Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week contests
Lesley passing the torch in Ontario

Lesley Page of Ontario, Canada
Lesley never planned to learn to fly but life had a plan for her. Her husband, Jeff, a trained pilot, had put aside flying before he met her. Have you heard of a mid-life crisis? Well, for Jeff, it meant that he wanted to fly again. He declared to Lesley that he wanted to buy a small airplane. Hum. When he took her flying for the first time, she was hooked and had to learn to fly. She made arrangements to change her executive position to a part-time position to fast track her training. She was 50 when she got her private pilot license. Lesley was one of the women pilots that introduced girls and women to flying to celebrate the Centennial of the first female pilot license on March 8 , 2010. She is Vice-Chair of the First Canadian Section of the Ninety-Nines, Ontario’s Team Leader for Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, and the head judge for the English version of the writing contest. She and her husband are power forces behind outreach efforts in Ontario and can be seen giving rides and speeches around the province.

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