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CRM for single pilots is SRM. Some lucky pilots will learn these lifesaving skills for free!

For most military and airlines pilots, Crew Resource Management (CRM) training is mandatory. Such training is effective at improving the communication and coordination of pilot crews to reduce pilot error.

Flying single pilot is, in many cases, just as challenging as flying for the military or the airlines.

The University of Western Ontario uses OSRM

In 2007, Dr. Suzanne Kearns conducted a research study into the effectiveness of CRM for single pilots administrated online. The results? All the pilots who completed Online Single-Pilot Resource Management (OSRM™) training demonstrated significantly better situation awareness than those who did not.

OSRM does not teach pilots how to fly; instead, it teaches them important safety skills and strategies that aren’t covered in ground school. SRM training takes the concepts developed through CRM and adapts them to single-pilot general aviation activities. For example, SRM training takes situation awareness to the next level by presenting proven strategies that you can use on your next flight to have better situation awareness.

Your training completion certificate

Dr. Suzanne Kearns developed an effective Online SRM course. Through a random drawing, five lucky pilots who introduce girls and women to flying during the 2012 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week will win a free OSRM training course (valued at $49.95) and will receive a training certificate upon completion.

Could there be a better reward for generously donating your time to introduce someone else to flying than the gift of safety? Thank you Dr. Suzanne Kearns and Online Single-pilot Resource Management!

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