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WOAW verified women friendly flight training facility? Making a list.

Statistics show that women represent approximately 11% of the student pilot population but only 6% of the licensed pilot population. These statistics seemed to point to a problem when women arrive at the flight training facility.

To help remedy this issue, we have decided to identify women-friendly flight training facilities and make the list available to prospective female students.

WOAW verified women friendly flight training facility? Making a list.Since teaching female customers is mandated by law, the criteria to qualify for our list are the following:

  • Flight training facility participates in community outreach programs
  • Flight training facility is actively involved in promoting aviation to women (e.g., involved in Women of Aviation Worldwide Week)

Although flight training facility not on our list may turn out to be a good fit for some female students, flight training facility actively involved in encouraging more women to participate are a far safer choice.

We encourage women-pilot-friendly flight training facility to contact us to be added to the list. The list is published within this website and a link to the list will be emailed to each girl and woman that goes on a flight during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Furthermore, each certified women friendly flight training facility will receive a seal to add to their advertising. The seal is valid for one year only.

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