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$150 USD Fuel Gift Card for the REMOS owner who introduces the most girls or women to flying during WOAW week

Many girls and women are going to be lucky to take their first flight in this beautiful aircraft!

In celebration of Women of Aviation Worldwide Week, REMOS Aircraft is calling on all REMOS owners to offer an introductory flight to a girl or women between March 7th to 13th. The owner with the most registered introductory flights will be awarded a $150 fuel gift card from REMOS Aircraft in honor of their efforts.

Did you know that based on a fuel cost of $5 per gallon, a $150 Fuel Gift Card will allow the recipient to fly the REMOS for nearly 9 hours? That’s right. The fuel consumption of a REMOS aircraft is only 3.5 gallons per hour and it cruises at 123 mph. But what’s more important is that this 35 miles per gallon aircraft is fun to fly!

The success story of REMOS began in an old Bavarian farmhouse near Munich in the early 1990′s with experimental ultralight aircrafts. By 2006, the old Bavarian farmhouse was not big enough anymore. REMOS moved its heaquarters and production facilities to Pasewalk, 100 kilometers north of Berlin, Germany. That’s where REMOS Aircraft, are built today.

We are proud to add this most women friendly aircraft manufacturer to our list of sponsors. To learn more about REMOS Aircraft, please visit their website.

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