Get the iWOAW Certified Women Friendly label

iWOAW Certified Women Friendly 2018As part of its “steering women towards success” initiatives, iWOAW identifies organizations that have demonstrated a positive attitude and tangible actions to foster gender balance in the air and space industry.

iWOAW’s Certified Women Friendly (iCWF) program acts as a reliable referral system for women seeking positive training and work environments and is the working basis for any organizations wishing to established a privileged relationship with iWOAW.

Upon completing the application form, qualified organizations receive

To qualify for the iWOAW Certified Women Friendly (iCWF) label, organizations must demonstrate their commitment to fostering gender balance in the air and space industry. Criteria vary with the type of business and may include:

  • Percentage of female employees in technical occupations and/or management positions
  • Percentage of products adapted to female customers
  • Female students’ success rate
  • Number and quality of internal pro-women programs
  • Family-oriented employee programs
  • Outreach efforts towards women (advertising, local outreach, etc.)


Fee waived for organizations who conduct in-house activities to raise awareness and/or introduce girls of all ages to the air and space industry during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week and file an activity report before the annual deadline, Thursday following the end of the Week.