Why join the alliance

By supporting the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW), your corporation is not only creating a future for women in our industry, but it is also helping grow our industry in a significant and tangible manner.

The annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week attracts tens of thousands of women and girls to visit air and space facilities, worldwide, and discover all the facets of our industry, hands-on. To date, 195,000 participated and 39,130 girls of all ages experienced a Fly It Forward® flight in 44 countries on 5 continents.

Your corporate support makes it possible for iWOAW to:

  • raise awareness of aviation-related opportunities available to women across the world in multiple languages;
  • celebrate the past and current accomplishments of the industry’s women;
  • engage and support thousands of active event organizers and volunteers who organize hundreds of local activities across the world;
  • motivate thousands of women to learn to fly for a chance to win our Fly It Forward® scholarships;
  • distribute keepsake items to thousands of girls discovering our industry at the Week’s activities and reward participants with prizes;
  • vet and maintain a list of iWOAW Certified Women Friendly organizations to steer women towards success;
  • hold an annual iWOAW Symposium where the world convenes to advance gender balance in our industry;
  • advocate on behalf of current and future women of aviation.

After applying for and receiving the iWOAW Certified Women Friendly designation, corporations have the opportunity to:

  • promote their products and services as ‘prizes’ during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week
  • advertise on iWOAW’s website network (