Benefits for Corporate Allies

iWOAW feels a great responsibility in selecting which organizations it promotes to female newcomers and gender balance advocates within in its communication channels. For that reason, iWOAW cultivates relationships strictly with for-profit and not-for-profit corporations that meet its Certified Women Friendly label criteria.

Corporations with the iCWF label are invited to play a more prominent role and increase their visibility as gender balance advocates by:

  • Offering giveaways to be distributed at events across a specific nation or the globe
  • Offering prizes to encourage participation in Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week’s celebration
  • Funding scholarships to accelerate the switch from interest to action among female newcomers
  • Advertising products, services, careers within iWOAW’s publications
  • Sponsoring iWOAW’s professional events (e.g., iWOAW Gender Balance Symposium, etc.)
  • Supporting iWOAW’s research

To learn more about establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with iWOAW, please contact us.