Fly It Forward® Challenge

Madeline Fly It Forward® FlightEverything we do in aviation leads to flight. A passion for flight is the foundation for any aviation vocation.

Launched in 2010 by iWOAW founder and president, Mireille Goyer, the Fly It Forward® Challenge is an action call to the aviation community to close the gender gap of flight introductions. It encourages pilots to offer a first flight to the female members of their community and challenges girls and women to seek a first flight experience at a community activity or a local flight school.

Titles and trophies including the ‘Most Female Pilot Friendly Airport Worldwide’, ‘Most Dedicated Female Pilot Worldwide’, and ‘Most Supportive Male Pilot Worldwide’ are awarded annually.

The friendly time-limited competition creates a sense of urgency to act and newsworthiness.

The worldwide aspect gives participants a sense of belonging to the global community and removes some of the sense of isolation associated with individual action.

The number of documented flights reported is the selection criteria for winners. Each participant receives an official certificate.

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