Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week

Lines at Women Of Aviation Week official activity
Line at an official Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week activity

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is a coordinated and worldwide outreach effort managed by iWOAW.

The week rallies individual air and space communities to generate greater awareness among the female population and sparks aviation vocations.

United across borders, we create a warm, welcoming, and hard-to-miss and hard-to-resist message aimed at the female population at large. Each year, the week has a theme hat highlights an historical female achievement in aviation.

Activities are held throughout the world and offer iWOAW members a unique opportunity to be physically present or send promotional giveaways for distribution in selected geographic locations where they desired to have additional exposure.

Multiple challenges and contests such as the Fly It Forward® Challenge, the First to Solo™ Challenge, the Pink Paper Plane Challenge™ are held as part of the week to motivate participation.

Members of iWOAW’s President’s Circle may bid on lead partner opportunities and enjoy exclusive exposure.