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iWOAW Verified Women Friendly Label

iWOAW Verified Women Friendly Label

iWOAW identifies proactive organizations that take tangible and effective in-house steps to attract and inspire women to contribute their talents to the air and space industry.

iWOAW Verified Women Friendly 2020

The iWOAW Verified Women Friendly label acts as a powerful referral system for women seeking welcoming environments as customers or employees.

Qualified for-profit and nonprofit organizations are awarded an official seal for identification and marketing purposes.

To qualify for the annual iWOAW Verified Women Friendly label, organizations must:

  • Publicly acknowledge and celebrate the formal entry of women in the air and space industry on March 8, 1910,
  • Celebrate women’s contributions to today’s air and space industry as part of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week,
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility by documenting the efforts of its employees (for profit) or members (nonprofit) to raise awareness and/or introduce women and girls of all ages to its business activities as part of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week, and
  • Apply for the label.
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