The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide ((iWOAW) focuses on the underlying issues and uses creative, innovative, and rewarding initiatives to change perceptions, motivate action, and provide tools essential to fostering change.

  • Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week – Annual global awareness week for girls and women of all ages
  • Fly It Forward® Challenge – First flights spark vocations. The Challenge rewards pilots for helping close the flight introduction gap.
  • First to Solo™ Challenge – Converting inspiration into tangible action to foster gender balance.
  • Pink Paper Plane Challenge™ – Taking awareness building to the next level across borders and economic environment.
  • Online Peer-Reviewed Resources Hub – Narrowing the network scope and insider knowledge gender gap
  • iWOAW Certified Women Friendly designation – Identifying organizations and businesses who go the extra miles to foster gender balance in the air and space industry.
  • Research – Advancing our industry’s knowledge of gender balance issues