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Fly It Forward®. Organize a WOAW fundraising event.

925 Sterling Silver Fly It Forward® Pendant
Fund raise $150+. Get our 925 Sterling Silver Fly It Forward® Pendant. Valid only until March 14, 2018.

Every year, iWOAW awards scholarships to motivate girls of all ages to convert interest into action – without delay. The scholarships are drawn from iWOAW’s Fly It Forward® fund, a fund supported entirely by donations.

One powerful way to Fly It Forward® is to contribute to iWOAW’s fund specifically designed to motivate thousands of girls and women to take the plunge after discovering aviation.

While personal donations are always appreciated, a fun alternative is to organize a fundraising activity during WOAW Week.

Here are a few suggestions of WOAW fundraising activities that increase awareness and collect funds that help usher a new crop of eager female contributors in the air and space industry – now:

  • Printed Pink Paper Planes for a donation
  • Movie night (at home, school amphitheater, corporate conference room, etc.) tickets for a donation (suggested movie – supersonic women)
  • Aviation item auctions (aviation art by the girls, a cool aviation experience, or the 925 Sterling Silver Fly It Forward® Pendant that donations of $150 CAD or more yield, etc.)

Let your imagination soar. Have fun and Fly It Forward®.

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