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We educate the public and the industry on gender inclusion issues

Educating the public and the industry

Let us not let ignorance stand in the way of progress.”
Mireille Goyer – iWOAW Founder & President

As part of its mission to steer women towards the industry and then steer them towards success, the Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) conducts extensive research and has developed multiple educational campaigns. Its multi-pronged approach aims to educate both the public and the industry on gender matters in the industry.

Steering women towards the industry

Extensive strategic and logistics knowledge sharing

Since 2010, iWOAW has established a solid and documented track record of successfully organizing and mentoring others to organize events and campaigns designed to attract women and girls and encourage them to consider the industry’s non-traditional careers and hobbies.

With campaigns resonating across 49 countries and events welcoming as many as 10,000 on site, iWOAW has gained extensive strategic and logistics know-how proven to not only work but to also maximize return on investment for the organizer and the industry.

It shares its insights and individually mentors industry stakeholders and enthusiasts who wish to improve gender balance in their community, at their business locations, and within their membership.

Research to address misinformation

Misinformation around the contributions of women to the industry in history is widespread. The misrepresentation of today’s women accomplishments as ‘firsts’ even when they are not, leads the public to believe that women are just starting in the industry and acts as an access barrier for many potential candidates.

iWOAW maintains a website of women’s historical global firsts to reestablish accuracy in history and encourages the media to consult the knowledge base as a mean to eliminate the common perception that women in today’s industry are pioneers. Furthermore, every year, iWOAW selects a theme for Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week that centers on a female global breakthrough in the industry and highlights a particular industry sector.

iWOAW conducts extensive research to collect historical statistical and academic data and shares it with the public or its allies to provide perspective and a better understanding of the roots for the industry’s striking imbalance. Furthermore, iWOAW collects targeted statistical and survey data annually to monitor trends and the effectiveness of its campaigns and initiatives. It uses its comprehensive database to promptly address misleading data-related statements in the media and pressure industry stakeholders into action.

Promotion of relatable industry role models

iWOAW works to connect local female role models with local women and girls in communities across the globe. We collaborate with national and international media to feature relatable industry role models that inspire. We also publishes a series of articles titled ‘A day in the life of…’ written by women currently working in the industry across the globe in its resources hub website. iWOAW maintains a YouTube Channel featuring its interviews of exceptional role models.

Steering women towards success

Barrier- and bias-free resources and guidance

iWOAW takes great care in strictly promoting balanced and bias-free material across the online communication network we control and encourages activity organizers to do so as well. We guard against the promotion of advice or support for women and girls that comes with a fee as a prerequisite. iWOAW moderates all material posted in its network to ensure barrier-free access to information and resources relevant to female newcomers.

Verified Women Friendly Label

iWOAW feels great responsibility in helping all women – and especially the newcomers – succeed in the industry. To assist them in locating supporting industry partners for their purchases, training, and careers, iWOAW has carefully crafted the iWOAW Verified Women Friendly label program. It identifies for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that have demonstrated their pro-women attitude – the first step to becoming a gender balance organization. The program is opened to all organizations involved in the air and space industry – directly or indirectly. Approved organizations can display the official seal in their communications. The status is annual and requires a sustained commitment to fostering gender balance to be maintained.

iWOAW Global Gender Balance Symposium

The dropout rate among female students training for male-dominated activities is alarming. What is worse is that upon successful training completion, women in male-dominated careers are almost twice as likely as men to leave their job within one year. iWOAW is deeply concerned with the subject of retention of new and existing female candidates. Churning leads to the propagation of negative comments in women’s whisper network and ultimately, a lack of progress in gender balance. The negative experience cycle effectively excludes women. iWOAW holds an annual Gender Balance Symposium where academics and industry professionals from across the globe meet to discuss key issues related to the advancement of women in the technical and management occupations of the air and space industry and where existing approaches to address these issues are reviewed and new ones, sketched.

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