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Join us. Select a WOAW subscription

Join us. Select a WOAW subscription

Anyone who wants to advance gender balance in the air and space industry can contribute to the WOAW movement without signing up. But joining the iWOAW online community has its privileges. Select a subscription below.

For anyone wishing to get more involved
  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Become eligible to win Fly It Forward® Awards, prizes, and scholarships
  • Collect WOAW Points redeemable in our store
  • Download WOAW documents
  • Receive iWOAW’s eNewsletter
One Year

(no minimum)

5 Years
$ 30 USD

(7,500 WOAW Points)

WOAW Supporter
For aviation professionals & enthusiasts interested in a more prominent role
  • Enjoy WOAW Fan benefits
  • Access exclusive content
  • Get a 5% store discount
  • Collect WOAW Points 2X faster
One Year
$ 30 USD

(7,500 WOAW Points)

5 Years (20% off)
$ 120 USD

(30,000 WOAW Points)

WOAW Organizer
For WOAW activity organizers who seek personal support
  • Enjoy WOAW Supporter benefits
  • Receive priority organizer support
  • Collect WOAW Points 4X faster
One Year
$ 60 USD

(15,000 WOAW Points)

5 Year (20% off)
$ 240 USD

(60,000 WOAW Points)

WOAW Corporate Ally
For organizations who seek more involvement and recognition
  • Enjoy WOAW Organizer benefits
  • See your logo on the iWOAW website
  • Enjoy exclusive corporate brand exposure opportunities
One Year
$ 360 USD

(75,000 WOAW Points)

5 Years (20% off)
$ 1,440 USD

(300,000 WOAW Points)

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