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WOAW Points

WOAW Points

WOAW Points

It pays to WOAW

At iWOAW, we believe in rewarding hard work. Anyone with a valid WOAW subscription can earn WOAW Points redeemable in our store.

Redeem your WOAW Points to buy gear in our store, upgrade or renew your subscription, or donate to the Fly It Forward® Fund with a point donation.

Earning WOAW Points is easy

Organize WOAW events or activities (minimum 750 pt.), volunteer at WOAW events or activities (minimum 250 pt.), compete in WOAW contests and challenges (minimum 50 pt.), share your news with the WOAW online community (minimum 10 pt.), or get the word out about WOAW (minimum 25 pt.) to collect WOAW points.

Earning WOAW Points is fun and rewarding. It starts with joining the iWOAW Online Community!

It pays to WOAW! Collect WOAW Points redeemable in our store. Join now.
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