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iWOAW advocates for the inclusion of women in the air and space industry


Women are the silver lining of the air and space industry.”
Mireille Goyer – iWOAW Founder & President

The Institute for Women Of Aviation Worldwide (iWOAW) and its allies advocate on behalf of women and girls and challenge the attitudes and behaviors that lead to their effective exclusion in some sectors of the industry.

We work for fair access and equal opportunity, lead the industry decision makers to take action, and ensure a future with gender balance and harmony. We are the only industry-specific organization with a global mission to accelerate progress towards gender balance in all sectors of the air and space industry.

iWOAW has developed some of the world’s most innovative programs, and worked with governments, businesses and associations to deliver policy and attitudinal solutions to the complex issues enabling today’s striking gender imbalance in some sectors of the industry.

The practical realization of gender balance depends on structural change, implementation of policies, and social and behavioral change.

Here are some of iWOAW’s major advocacy issues:

  • Equal exposure to the industry’s opportunities
  • Inclusive training curricula and school environments
  • Inclusive recruitment and workplaces
  • Balance representation of women in industry media
  • Removal of phraseology that effectively exclude women
  • Gender-specific global statistics collection and trend monitoring
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