iWOAW's Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week initiative has directly involved 140,000 participants in 42 countries on 5 continents.

The associated Fly It Forward® Challenge enabled 30,074 girls and women to experience their first small aircraft flight.

Participation is membership requirement free, age restriction free, and border free.

View the latest annual summary video.


iWOAW collaborated with Canadian Aviator magazine to develop the world's first magazine supplement dedicated to highlighting women's role in the industry and informing newcomers of opportunities available. View the 2015 supplement.

iWOAW maintains an online directory of Certified Women Friendly organizations to steer women towards satisfying experiences.

iWOAW is developing new resources to make it possible for women to obtain relevant information, free of charge.


Women have been contributing to the aviation industry since 1784, worldwide.

iWOAW is dedicated to promoting the recognition of their contributions. Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week™ features an annual theme based on historical breakthrough. To further educate, iWOAW maintains records of women's breakthroughs online. Visit the website.

iWOAW is a vocal advocate that actively promotes women as an asset and an economic force beneficial to the air and space industry.
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